Family Group #2

Jan Wilson is the co-administrator who coordinates this family group.

Group 2

Kit #9783       descends from Joshua Moses of Whitley County, KY.
Kit #12783     descends from Joshua Moses of Whitley County, KY.
Kit #240947   descends from Joshua Moses of Whitley County, Ky.
Kit # TBD      descends from Joshua Moses of Whitley County, Ky.        

Kit #12304     descends from the John Moses of SC mentioned above. Fought in SC Troops of Rev. War.  Moved to Georgia.
Kit #114269   descends from Tillman Moses. He is believed to be the son of John Moses of SC   mentioned above.

Kit # 48225    descends from Samuel of Monroe County, TN.

Kit # 17987   descends from John Morgan Moses of Randolph County, Al.  He too is an exact   match but we have not determined which of the brothers (John, Joshua or Samuel) is his ancestor. It does not appear that he descends from Joshua nor Samuel

There are 3 additional matches.  They do not carry the surname of Moses but they are genetic matches to this group.  At some point in their ancestry there was either a name change through adoption or a male child born out of wedlock to a Moses father.  DNA testing is clearing up some of these mysteries.  We have not determined yet which of the brothers these 3 descend from.

John Moses of SC and GA, Samuel Moses of Monroe County, Tn. and Joshua Moses of Whitley County, Ky. are widely thought to be the sons of John and Jane Moses who were baptized together with their two sisters, Betty and Sarah, in 1753 at Prince Frederick Winyah Church in South Carolina.  The results of the DNA project, land records and family histories support that conclusion.
The family of Samuel Moses (of Monroe County, Tn.) has an old legend that Samuel had a brother that went north and was never heard from again. In old letters written by Leon Denny Moses (descendant of Joshua), to Richard Moses (author of ‘The Moses Tribe’ book) we learn that there is an old story amongst Joshua’s descendants that he had a brother named Samuel. Leon Denny Moses contributed a lot of research for the Moses Tribe Book.

Joshua and his brother Samuel were still in Anson County in 1800. They made their way westward in the early 1800’s. Samuel stayed put in Monroe County, Tennessee but Joshua moved north into Kentucky. Early researchers of Joshua’s history give Monroe County, Tennessee as the birthplace for his second (unproven) wife, Eva Rilla Berry.

John Moses, the third son on the baptismal record who was born in 1746, fought in the South Carolina Troops of the Revolutionary War.  He moved to Georgia and died in Jasper County, Ga.  Two descendants of his have been tested and are DNA matches to the participants who descend from Joshua and Samuel.

There is a lot of sorting out to do on the descendants of these three brothers.  All three of them had descendants that moved into Arkansas and Alabama. The first son of Joshua of Whitley County (also named John) moved to Arkansas at one point and several of his sons lived in Arkansas and Alabama.  Joshua’s brother John (b. 1746) moved to Georgia and died in Jasper County.  He also had several descendants that went into Arkansas and Alabama.

From Jan Wilson:

The John who was born in 1746 and fought in the SC Troops of the Rev. War moved to Georgia.  When this John was living in SC there was also a Robert Moses who lived very close by.  I have land records witnessed by both of them that put them together.  John was living on the Wateree River at the time my Joshua was captured  on the Wateree while on leave in the Rev. War.  We also have land records for John in Georgia accompanied by Robert (probably brothers).  We have John, John Jr., Robert and Robert Jr. all together in Georgia.  I don't have any other records for Robert's children but John's children by his first wife Elizabeth were all born in the same time frame as your Anna.  I have names for his sons and he apparently had at least 2 daughters but I don't think I have their names.  Interestly enough his second wife was named Anna.

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