Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moses DNA Project

Our Moses Surname DNA Project is open to ALL Moses descendents. Our goal is to identify many Moses family groups and hopefully to prove and disprove family connections. DNA will NOT take the place of traditional research. It is only an enhancement to that research.

If you are a Male with the last name Moses, you will want to do the actual testing. If you are a female descendent or a male who descends from a female Moses, you may want to do some recruiting in order to have your Moses line of interest represented.
The Y-chromosome is passed from father to son normally unchanged, though occasionally differences do occur and it is these mutations which show how close or far we are from a common ancestor. There are some excellent introductions and explanations available on the web which can tell you much more about the science behind this than is possible here. Testing the Y chromosome will provide each participant with a genetic finger print consisting of 12 or 25 or 37 or 67  or 111 markers.  By comparing this finger print to others who also carry the Moses surname, participants can determine if there is a relationship. 
To become a part of our DNA test group and take advantage of the special rates offered for being a part of the Moses Surname DNA project go to the link at the top of the page to order your test kit. 

At this time in 2015, we have seven separate Moses DNA subgroups.